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Sunday, June 6, 2010

               Confessions of a Shopaholic

So today my girl says to me "Girl I think you shop just for the fun of it"
I stopped to look at her and said "hey...what does that supposed to mean"?
She just laughs it off...I take it a little personal but try not to show it as I hesitate to buy my heels.
So on the trip home my girl gave me a Shopaholic Test: Q&A
1)Do you have items in your closet still in the bags or with the tags still on them?
Ummm Maybe...not alot!
2)Do you buy things you dont plan on buying when looking for one item?
If I see something I like im not going to pass it up...what if its not there later!
3)Are you always complaining that you have nothing to wear, but your closet is jam-packed full of clothes for every occasion?
That dont count...& whats so wrong with wanting to stay looking fabulous.
When I got home I started going through my closets and noticed tags, tags and more tags!! 
OK the first step to seeking help is admitting you have an addiction....although I shop alot...I do know my limit....but by me not really having no limit to the my tab, I find myself up late nights thinking of what im going to buy next. I stay shopping on the internet for things not in stores. Its like everytime I am in a store I spot something cute, I feel like I have to have it...Clothes can sit in my closet for "MONTHS" to never be seen again. One day this addiction may all end when I buy everything in the world..."hummmm" in my dreams. I knew if I was going to have this {good} habit {lol} I was going to have to keep more MONEY flowing in to support it. So for every shoe, dress, lipstick etc....I will design something to sell making 45% more money then what I spent that day of shopping!
So in the end I dont need help after all <3

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